10lb bag of Belle Valley Ancient Grains White Sonora Flour. Donated by Brian Stambaugh & Family-- (See details to view flour history)
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White Sonora is one of the oldest wheat varieties in North America. Documented to exist near Sonora, Mexico in the 1700s but likely predates that time. The predominant wheat in California in the early and mid 1800s, was used by Norman Borlaug for the Sonora 64 semi-dwarf variety, which was one of the first Green Revolution wheats. Unfortunately, Sonora 64 led to the demise of Sonora Wheat. Recognized as a soft wheat, we have found that White Sonora and Clark’s Cream are the nearest we have to all purpose flour and these are preferred by the professional bakeries we serve. Please cook thoroughly and keep refrigerated.
Our Endeavor All of our grains are non-GMO and are chemical free as we have used  zero pesticides in our 20 years of farming.  Our farm is certified organic as of November 2018. No herbicides are used for weed control, instead, crop rotation helps to control weeds.  No synthetic nitrogen fertilizer is used either - rotation to alfalfa, beans or lentils provides natural nitrogen.  None of these are new techniques but were methods used 100 years ago prior to herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.  We are a source of whole grain and fresh-milled flour, primarily ancient or heirloom varieties for those who would like to know exactly where their food comes from.

Six generations of farmers and millers in South Dakota​​​ Great grandparents Hans & Minnie Quarnberg began milling flour in South Dakota in the 1870s, later founding Tri-State Milling in 1913.  In 1889, there were over 300 flour milling companies in South Dakota, by the 1960s only Tri-State. With our three daughters, we are the fifth and sixth generations involved with milling or farming in South Dakota. Grandsons James and Lincoln would make seven generations.


Donated by Brian Stambaugh & Family

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The proceeds of this auction go to Myles Hupp and family. Myles is a 6yr old boy from Fort Pierre, SD. On May 24th, 2023 a tragic accident happened at the home of their dreams. While parents Kelsey and Trevor were at work, a major explosion occurred resulting not only in the total loss of their home, but the loss of their infant daughter, Harper, and both of Trevor's parents as well. Their sons Myles (5) and Royce (3) were airlifted to a burn unit in Minnesota. After months of healing from this tragic accident, Myles has been diagnosed with an aggressive brain cancer. Myles is now receiving cancer treatment in SD.


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